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Office English

Course description

During the course you will learn and master the vocabulary used in every-day office work. You will improve your communication skills in these areas: describing office equipment and its use, ordering goods, making appointments over the phone, organizing meetings, welcoming clients, making requests, offers, enquiries etc. You will also improve
your writing skills – emails, formal and informal letters, meeting minutes, agendas. The course is based on the communicative approach. You will participate in creating role plays and case studies based on your own needs.

Course objectives

  • to master the vocabulary used in every-day office work
  • to improve communication skills, time and meeting organization, welcoming clients, requests, offers, ordering goods and payments
  • to improve writing – emails, formal and informal letters, meeting minutes, agenda

Developed skills

  • to describe office equipment and its use
  • to introduce oneself and one’s colleagues in a representative way
  • to welcome guests and say good bye
  • to distinguish and apply formal and informal English
  • to use various types of business correspondence in the form of a letter or email
  • to handle requests, complaints and orders
  • to make telephone conversations about professional topics
  • to arrange accommodation, meals in a restaurant, a taxi etc. for foreign guests
  • to deal with situations when we don’t understand or don’t know the right word


  • making appointments over the phone, welcoming of clients
  • writing business letters and emails - both formal and informal
  • time and meeting organization
  • requests, offers, enquiries
  • ordering goods and payments
  • cultural differences

Course specifications

Language: English
Czech title: Angličtina pro kancelářskou praxi
Type: Professionally oriented course
Duration: 1 day (8 teaching hours)
Number of participants: 3 - 8
Recomended for levels: B1 and higher
Target group: Working professionals / general
Place of tuition: client / Threshold Training Associates