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Meetings – Making Your Point Efficiently

Course description

During the course you will master efficient and polite business communication used in meetings and discussions.
You will learn how to create an agenda, take minutes, conduct meetings, express agreement and disagreement, deal with interruptions and digressions, difficult questions, etc. The course is based on the communicative approach, using a large number of activities and situations simulating real-life scenarios that may occur in your everyday working environment and
you will participate in creating role plays and case studies based on your own needs analysis.

Course objectives

  • to mastery the vocabulary linked to meetings and negotiations
  • to significantly improve students‘ communication skills during meetings
  • to develop students’ competence and confidence in public speaking and discussions

Developed skills

  • to create an agenda, take minutes
  • to open and close a meeting
  • to deal with digressions and involve colleagues in the discussion
  • to express agreement and disagreement politely
  • to ask for clarification and clarify one’s point of view or situation
  • to buy time to answer difficult questions or avoid answering
  • to emphasize importance of an issue
  • to hand over the floor to a colleague


  • brainstorming and needs analysis
  • analysis of authentic language, phraseology and vocabulary (CDs and videos)
  • practicing the language from the recordings and adapting it to students’ needs:
    • creating an agenda, taking minutes
    • opening and closing a meeting
    • raising a point, rephrasing, asking for clarification
    • expressing agreement and disagreement
    • dealing with interruptions, difficult questions, avoiding answers
    • speeding up or focusing the meeting
  • role plays and case studies simulating real meetings and discussions

Course specifications

Language: English
Czech title: Jednání - vyjádřete se jasně
Type: Professionally oriented course
Duration: 1 day (8 teaching hours)
Number of participants: 3 - 8
Recomended for levels: B1 and higher
Target group: Meeting facilitators, including company executives, managers, supervisors, and even team members.
Place of tuition: client / Threshold Training Associates

VAT will be added to the price.