English Refresher Course A2 - B1 | Threshold

English Refresher Course A2 - B1

Course description

This course will provide you with the chance to practice your English language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing skills: telephone responses, writing meeting notes, emails, business letters, etc. The aim is to make you feel more comfortable and confident while communicating in English.

Course objectives

  • to practise language skills including grammar, general and business English vocabulary as well as phrases and idioms used in discussions and different situations at work

Developed skills

  • to express opinions, agreement and disagreement, justifying decisions, setting conditions
  • to use of polite questions, requests, proposals and invitations
  • to discuss priorities at work, job descriptions
  • to get around an airport, town and hotel
  • ability to apply grammar structures suitably and in the right situations


  • this course is intended for students at A2 to B1 level of English
  • development of communication skills (group activities, interactive games, interviews)
  • common topics at work
  • travelling (foreign countries and cultures)
  • practising grammar
  • auxiliary verbs and word order in questions
  • 1 st  and 2 nd  conditional
  • time clauses
  • comparison
  • definite and indefinite article

Course specifications

Language: English
Czech title: Osvěžte si svoji angličtinu A2 - B1
Type: General
Duration: 1 day (8 teaching hours)
Number of participants: 3 - 8
Recomended for levels: A2 to B1
Target group: Working professionals / general
Place of tuition: client / Threshold Training Associates