Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution II | Threshold

Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution II

Course description

Effective Communication 2 is a one-day intensive course from TTA which builds on Effective Communication 1, going into depth on particular communication skills. You will learn how to establish a successful-first contact with your counterparts – clients, suppliers, a new boss or colleagues. You will also master techniques for how to accommodate different communication styles to make business partners feel comfortable, as well as how to find out key information or deal with conflicts. As the amount of virtual communication increases, your ‘awareness of the importance of clear communication, thus preventing misunderstanding, in emails, via mobiles, etc. will be raised, especially when different cultures are involved.

Course objectives

  • to learn how to create new business opportunities while networking
  • to get acquainted with the use of various communication style in business encounters
  • to prevent and deal with misunderstanding and conflicts
  • to communicate clearly through various media

Developed skills

  • ability to make the first contact successfully
  • ability to adapt one’s own communication style to suit the partner
  • ability to retrieve important information
  • ability to deal with communication breakdowns, influence others and react assertively
  • awareness of pitfalls in virtual communication and how to avoid them


  • importance of  “small talk”
  • cold calling, how to connect successfully with business partners or clients
  • use of various communication styles
  • acquiring techniques to better identify client´s needs or counterpart´s intentions
  • dealing with difficult people, communicating politely yet assertively
  • virtual communication and its possible impact on team performance
  • preventing potential misunderstanding when communicating without personal contact

Course specifications

Language: English, French, German
Czech title: Efektivní komunikace a řešení konfliktů I
Type: Professionally oriented course
Duration: 1 day (8 teaching hours) follow-up to Effective Communication I
Number of participants: 3 - 8
Recomended for levels: B1 and higher
Target group: Professionals and managers who want to become masters in building long lasting business relationships with their clients, suppliers and colleagues
Place of tuition: client / Threshold Training Associates

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