Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution I | Threshold

Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution I

Course description

Effective Communication 1 is a one-day intensive course from TTA. In this workshop your awareness of the importance of effective communication will be raised. You will become acquainted with various communication styles as well as the traits of non-verbal signals. You will also acquire techniques, learn how to prevent misunderstanding and get your message across clearly and efficiently in variety of settings.

Course objectives

  • to learn how to build and maintain long lasting business relationships
  • to raise cultural awareness of appropriacy
  • to raise self-awareness in verbal and non-verbal interactions
  • to develop skills of communicating effectively in various environments and situations
  • to look at different communication styles
  • to provide insight into body language and learn to identify  body language of counterparts

Developed skills

  • ability to build rapport
  • ability to recognize various communication styles and react appropriately
  • through active listening make the partner feel he or she has been heard and understood
  • preventing misunderstanding, clarification
  • awareness of one’s own non-verbal communication
  • understanding  non-verbal signals


the impact of effective communication within and outside the company
building rapport and trust
active listening as a communication tool
clear message transfer, checking for understanding, clarifying
techniques to prevent misunderstanding across different mind-sets and avoid conflicts
identifying different communication styles, self-awareness which style we use
non-verbal signals, body language and how we use them

Course specifications

Language: English, French, German
Czech title: Efektivní komunikace a řešení konfliktů I
Type: Professionally oriented course
Duration: 1 day (8 teaching hours)
Number of participants: 3 - 8
Recomended for levels: B1 and higher
Target group: Professionals and managers who want to become masters in building long lasting business relationships with their clients, suppliers and colleagues
Place of tuition: client / Threshold Training Associates

VAT will be added to the price.