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Communicating Across Cultures II / India

Course description

This course of cross-cultural communication in an international environment, combines language, communication skills and authentic content. It gives you an innovative perspective about doing business in the international world and also helps improve your communication skills via proven methods and approaches. Learn strategies and tactics used by top businesses, communication experts, diplomats and the intelligence services. Included are a number of role plays and personalised exercises which provide a inter-active way to practise what you are learning. The practical functional language provides phrases for listening and includes ways to check understanding through rephrasing as well as teaching you how you clarify the motivation of the speaker. Adapt your style to different audiences and cultures and learn how to communicate your message successfully in the international business arena and influence decisions of people everywhere. We will take you through the process of developing intercultural skills from ice-breakers, socializing, networking, relationship building to negotiating across cultures.

Course objectives

  • to develop profiling intercultural competences focused on India
  • to master relevant phrases and communication strategies
  • to develop competence and confidence in communication via emails, tickets and telephoning

Developed skills

to identify cultural specifics and contexts
to work and cooperate in an international team, managing diversity
to communicate in compliance with international business protocol
to apply formal and informal style of communication appropriately
to implement ways of emphasising a message


  • criteria for international communication
  • communication strategies
  • active listening techniques
  • useful tips, do’s and don’ts, examples of good practice
  • students’ own international interaction topics
  • delivery and style
  • rapport building and impact techniques

Course specifications

Language: English
Czech title: Komunikace napříč kulturami II / Indie
Type: Professionally oriented course
Duration: 1 day (8 teaching hours)
Number of participants: 3 - 8
Recomended for levels: B1 and higher
Target group: This course is for individuals who need to communicate clearly and effectively while conducting business in cultures other than their own.
Place of tuition: client / Threshold Training Associates

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