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Soft Skills Courses

Profession-oriented courses

Theses courses are designed to develop specific professional skills. Students will practice and learn how to implement practical skills in the specific areas as listed below:

  • English for Presentations
  • English for Negotiations
  • English for Management
  • English for Meetings
  • English for Recruiters / HR
  • Office English
  • Financial English
  • Engineering and Industrial English
  • English for IT
  • Telephoning and Correspondence
  • Preparing for a Business Trip
  • English Refresher Course A2-B1 / B2–C1
  • Technical English (Civil Engineering / Energy Industry)
  • Energy English (Coal / Wind / Nuclear)

Specialized intensive courses

Intensive language courses are a frequent request from our corporate clients, either as their preferred training or as a supplement to regular classes.

Depending on client requirements, we supplement extensive year-long training with intensive blocks on a regular basis. These range from everyday language to business language, as well as banking and professional language for individual positions, alternatively blocks can specialize in presentation skills, negotiating skills, IT, legal or professional language.

Soft skills in English and Czech

As a response to growing interest in professional language, we also offer soft skills training courses in English, German and Czech as one or two day seminars. These seminars are designed to encourage and improve professional development. The topics include: Successful Negotiations, Cross-Cultural Communication, Dynamic Presentations, Effective Communication and Conflict Resolutions, Constructive Feedback, Stress and Time Management, Team Building – Murder Mystery and others.