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Euroexam International

If you’re looking for an English exam that tests your ability to communicate in English, then look no further than the Euroexams.

Euroexam International unites the expertise of communicative language teaching with the ‘can-do’ criteria of the Common European Framework and has designed language exams which promote real-world communicative skills.

The Euroexams are available in variants: Euroexam General English for everyday use, EuroPro - Business and Professional purposes for the work environment and Euroexam Academic for students targeting university study in English. Euroexam International offers an unprecedented range of support materials including preparation coursebooks, free-of-charge e-learning courses and online practice tests.

There is no need to prepare for Euroexam because it tests your current language knowledge and skills. The test is in line with the European Framework of Reference for Languages and is internationally recognized by different types of institutions. Euroexam offers general language examinations for students with A1-C2 knowledge levels, specialized business language exams for students with B1-C1 knowledge levels, and if you are going to study abroad, you can pass the C1 level language exam for academic environment. More details about each tests, mock exams, and test materials are available at the Euroexam’s website. The tests are affordable, their price ranges depending on the test type.

The Euroexams

Euroexam International’s principal examinations:

  • Euroexam General English Levels A1; A2; B1; B2; C1
  • EuroPro (Business and Professional purposes) English Levels B1; B2; C1
  • Euroexam Academic English Level C1

More info:

Euroexam is continually developing new examinations that meet both the candidate needs and the highest quality standards in international language examinations.

Exam Dates

LocationDateFinal registrationTestLevel
Prague22nd February31st JanuaryGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Prague22nd February31st JanuaryAcademic EnglishC1
Prague28th March6th MarchGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Prague28th March6th MarchEuroProB1
Prague18th April27th MarchGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Prague18th April27th MarchAcademic EnglishC1
Prague9th May17th AprilGeneral EnglishB1
Prague9th May17th AprilEuroProB2
Prague16th May24th AprilGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Prague18th July26th JuneGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Prague18th July26th JuneAcademic EnglishC1
Pilsen23nd February31st JanuaryGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Pilsen23nd February31st JanuaryAcademic EnglishC1
Pilsen29th March6th MarchGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Pilsen29th March6th MarchEuroProB1
Pilsen19th April27th MarchGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Pilsen19th April27th MarchAcademic EnglishC1
Pilsen10th May17th AprilGeneral EnglishB1
Pilsen10th May17th AprilEuroProB2
Pilsen17th May24th AprilGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Pilsen19th July26th JuneGeneral EnglishB2, C1
Pilsen19th July26th JuneAcademic EnglishC1

The Euroexams not listed in the table above are available on-demand. For more information on the Euroexam including preparation courses, please contact us at:

International Recognition

The Euroexams are State-Accredited in many of the countries they are available and accredited by leading international language organisations.

“High level exam security and transparent evaluation processes. Euroexam International is a trustworthy, professional international organisation.”


Meeting Requirements for Success in Higher Education

The Euroexams are accepted by universities throughout Europe as meeting requirements for international student’s direct entry to degree courses. Following their 2018 comprehensive evaluation of Euroexam International, UK NARIC, the UK Government agency responsible for recognition and comparison of international qualifications, concluded that the Euroexam Level C1 meets the proficiency requirements for degree level study in English.

‘The Euroexam C1 exam can be considered appropriate to meet the English language requirements for admission to English-medium higher education studies.’

UK NARIC. 2018

Practice online:
Before I take Euroexam, I should know if I have a chance!

Now you can by taking a Euroexam mock exam from the comfort of your own home. Euroexam International’s computer-based testing platform keeps you two steps ahead. Our computer-assisted mock exams show what you can expect in a real exam situation and how to achieve success. The results analyse your performance and deliver personalised feedback that highlights your strengths and the areas where you need to develop.

Click here to access the Euroexam Computer Based Mock Tests.

“The exam descriptions of Euroexam International are exceptionally profound and fully adequate to European standards down to the smallest detail at all exam levels.”


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