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Language Examinations


Cambridge ESOL exams from General and Business English

TTA is a certified partner of the British Council for preparing candidates for the University of ESOL Examinations.

The Cambridge ESOL exams are among the world's best-known qualifications for learners of English. They are organized by the British Council, the British educational organization widespread throughout the world. The exams cover all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing – and assess the candidates' ability to use a variety of structures and functions in authentic situations.

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)

TTA is an accredited test centre of the internationally acknowledged examination TOEIC, which has been produced, as well as TOEFL, by the American Company ETS. The test is in the paper form and assesses the level of English used in communication in the international environment. The examination is used for the purpose of all-company testing of the employees‘ language knowledge.

TOEIC Listening and Reading

The examination is held in written paper form. It consists of two parts: listening and reading (plus comprehension of the text). Each part provides 100 questions and lasts approximately 2,5 hours (including the administration).

Total number of points range from 10 to 990 corresponding with language levels according to the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale (A1-C1)

TOEIC Speaking and writing

The examination is performed on PC in selected testing centres. It tests students’ oral and written competences.

Total number of points range from 0 – 400 corresponding with language levels according to the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) scale (A1-C1)

TOEIC Bridge

Designed for beginning learners, it measures the listening and reading comprehension skills in language levels A1 – B1


TTA prepares candidates for German language exams organized by the Goethe Institute. The examinations are focused on general and business language and cover language levels A1 – C2.


French international diplomas DELF (Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française – (Certificate of elementary knowledge of French language) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française – Certificate of profound knowledge of the French language) are granted by the French Ministry of Education through the state commission DELF / DALF.


DELE Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language is the official accreditation of the degree of fluency of the Spanish Language, issued and recognised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.
The Instituto Cervantes is the institution in charge of organising the exams.


The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) (Russian: Тест по русскому языку как иностранному or ТРКИ) is a standardised test supervised by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. The test has four levels, conforming to schema of the Association of Language Testers in Europe, and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.