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TEFL Blogger Contest

Share your life-changing experience with future travelers and win an Amazon gift card!
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Information for the Contributors
Share your life-changing experience with future travelers. Whether you’ve lived in Prague for 10 years or just 10 weeks, we´d like to know about your most surprising, most interesting, most enriching or most memorable moments in the city. Submit a text, a video or a photo and win an Amazon gift card worth 100 USD, 50 USD or 25 USD.
You can contribute with a text (up to 250 words), a video or a photo (with or without a text / caption). Be authentic, be inspiring, but mainly be willing to share your experiences. Send your entries to info@praguetefl.com and we will post it on our website.

Ideas for your contributions:

Why I decided to stay in Prague / Why is Prague a good place to live
What I like best about the Czechs / Prague
Why teaching in Prague is such a good way to get to know the culture and the people
What I discovered about the country/city after being here for some time
What the Prague guide books get wrong/right
What the most interesting cultural differences are
What´s the best way to be happy in Prague
How my experience of living /working / teaching in Prague has changed my life
All entries must be received by May 30th, 2016!

The awarding of prizes:

Visitors to our website will be invited to “like” the entries they consider the best. The voting period starts on May 31, 2016 and it ends on June 15, 2016. The winners will be notified via email and featured on our facebook profile.

Terms and Conditions:

All entries must be original works of authorship created by the participant.
The contest entry period begins on April 26th and ends May 30th, 2016.
Participants can submit an entry by sending it to info@praguetefl.com. They must also provide their full name and a valid email address.
The voting period begins on May 31st and finishes June 15th, 2016.
The top 3 entries selected by fans will be the prize winners. The entry with the most votes will receive a 100 USD Amazon gift card, the entry with the second most votes will receive a 50 USD Amazon gift card and the entry with the third most votes will receive a 25 USD Amazon gift card.